What is the purpose behind Trend Micro Auto Renew feature?

Auto-Renew a service provided to Trend Micro customers who get it online. For customer benefit, it is designed to automatically renew customer subscription just before it is going to end, which means customers will not have to manually do the renewal job and risk a loss in security at any occasion. Auto-renew facility also offers priority version upgrades to the latest products to the customers. If you are not satisfied with the software program working, you can end it at any moment. Auto-Renew or automatic renewal is a feature offered to the Trend Micro customers or buyers that automatically renew their subscription package just before it is going to end.

Advantages of having an Automatic Renewal plan:  

  • No concern regarding lose of security for any particular period of time.
  • Automatic Renewal is one of the simplest methods in paying the annual subscription payment.
  • Get automatic discounts based from the real money of the Trend Micro program.
  • Cancel subscription anytime if you are not satisfied with the program working.

Uninterrupted protection means that we will by default try to renew the security subscription before it ends for the customers. We will inform customer about their subscription status and all account activity related to renewing their subscription - you are always informed and in control. We strongly recommend that you use this support service to get the full benefit of our security feature.

Trend Micro offers access to the latest protection on a subscription basis. By having your Trend Micro subscription renew automatically, you can keep PC infections, adware, and online security attacks away from accessing your machine, personal data, and financial information. Your Trend Micro subscription will extend on its own before the expiration date, so your security is never interrupted.

Trend Micro needs to make sure the customer get the best safety at lowest price. This means making it easier for customer to keep their subscription up to date so that they don’t go one minute without updates and security against the current threats.

Auto Renewal Working Process

After setting up your subscription to renew by default, you will immediately get email reminders about a month before your current subscription period expires. The reminder includes a link that you can tap to end your Trend Micro subscription package, if you need. If you do nothing, then your subscription will by default get renew.

Shortly before the current expiration period, your subscription will renew by default at the renewal price of the current standard. The charge will go to the same credit card used to make the original payment, and you will then get a confirmation message by the email only. You stay protected without ever visiting any link.

How to stop automatic renewals?

You do not have to wait for a reminder informing to stop your subscription from renewing by default. Just go after the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your Trend Micro
  • After signing in, tap on the Manage button next to the name of the software that you like to stop renewing automatically.
  • On the next page that comes, tap on the disable link next to "Renew Automatically."
  • When a warning window displays, tap OK to end.

Trend Micro Support has become a very critical part of customers having daily working with the internet. Antivirus alone can’t protect the data present in it of yours, it is very vital to update the latest software of antivirus. Update supports to manage the database of antivirus software in order to match the configurations of latest security software available in the market. Customers don’t have to worry at all, just call our Trend Micro Antivirus Technical Support number 08003687760. This will definitely save your device from the cyber attacks, causing serious damage to the machine. Make a habit of calling the Antivirus Technical Support in every few months in order to get your machine serviced and for a routine checkup.